Lula’s campaign pays millionaire sum for newly created company

THE M4 Communication and Advertising appears among the companies hired to provide services to the former president’s presidential campaign Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to the 2022 elections. The invoice is around R$ 25 million. The data are contained in the Electoral Justice accountability system.

In addition to the voluminous amount, which is equivalent to 50% of the total already spent by the PT campaign, two characteristics stand out about M4 Comunicação e Propaganda. The company was created in May 2022, according to the IRS records, and the company has Sidônio Pereira as one of the partners.

The marketer was denounced by the Public Ministry of Bahia (MP-BA) for administrative improbity.

For the specialist lawyer electoral legislationMarcellus Ferreira Pinto, the electoral legislation leaves gaps in relation to the hiring of newly created companies by electoral campaigns.

“This is a classic way of diverting money from public funds such as the Electoral Fund and the Party Fund”, says the expert. “Accountability rules are very lax and do not create any barriers for such new companies. It is very common for these companies to be used to divert resources from electoral campaigns. The accountability of expenditures in elections occurs at only one level: from the CNPJ of the campaign to the contracted companies. What is done with the money after hiring does not need to be reported.”

denounced partner

According to R7, the Public Ministry accuses Sidônio Pereira of receiving R$ 7.5 million from the Salvador City Council (BA), without the proper provision of services. Even the value of the bid was disputed, since originally it was R$ 2 million.

The objects of the action are contracts signed in 2006 between the Chamber and Layout Propaganda. Owned by Sidônio, the company led the winning consortium of the event. An audit by the Court of Auditors of the Municipalities of Bahia identified the payment to the company without the provision of services and with several amendments that increased the value of the contract.

Pereira also previously worked for the PT. He was responsible for marketing the campaign of Fernando Haddad (PT) for the Presidency of the Republic in 2018. In addition, the publicist worked in campaigns for Governor Rui Costa (PT), current governor of Bahia, and Jaques Wagner, predecessor.

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