Man freaks out, attacks people and threatens to set fire to a house in the West region of BH

A 23-year-old man freaked out and threatened to set fire to some houses in Vila Bambirra, in the Calafate neighborhood, in the western region of Belo Horizonte. Soldiers from the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) went to the scene, but he was only contained after he fell from the roof of a house. With the fall of approximately three meters, he had minor injuries and was rescued by Samu to Hospital João XXIII.

According to the Lieutenant of the Fire Department, Eduardo Moreira, the man was very upset and threw objects at the police, firefighters teams and people who passed by on the street. “One of these objects hit his grandmother. She was attended to by Samu on the spot and did not need to be driven”, he said. The man had an outbreak in the late morning of this Friday (23).

During the approach, the BOPE police tried to negotiate for him to surrender. He was resistant and tried to attack the police by throwing some objects he found around the place. The man started walking along the slab of some neighboring houses. “He was surprised when he stepped on the roof and it broke. He fell and the teams managed to capture him”, said the lieutenant. It is suspected that he used drugs.

The entire occurrence was accompanied by this man’s mother. She said, anonymously, that she heard her son screaming on Avenida Tereza Cristina, in front of the house where they live, around 4:40 am. “I was very scared. When I tried to get him out of the middle of the avenue, he attacked me”, she said. The mother said that this was the first time he would have had this behavior.

During the work, traffic was partially blocked, as the objects thrown by this man could hit vehicles and pedestrians. The Military Police teams guided the drivers during the attendance of the occurrence. The flow of vehicles has now normalized.

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