Microsoft confident it will buy Activision

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, does not doubt that the purchase of Activision will be approved and understands the scrutiny given the magnitude of the deal. Furthermore, he says that if there is to be competition, then it is time for there to be competition.

At a time when the deal is being investigated in greater detail by authorities in the UK and the European Union is preparing its investigation, Nadella told Bloomberg that he understands the level of scrutiny but is fully confident of the favorable outcome.

“Of course, any acquisition of this scale will come under scrutiny, and we’re very, very confident that we will,” said Nadella.

Microsoft’s CEO says his company is the fourth or fifth largest in the video game industry, while Sony leads “so if this is competition, we’re going to have competition.”

Over the last few weeks, since the Financial Times announced that the UK competition and trade authority would start a second phase of the investigation, there has been a lot of talk about the matter, especially as Phil Spencer has spoken publicly about a proposal that Jim Ryan from PlayStation thought it was private conversation.

Spencer said he confirmed to Ryan that Call of Duty would remain on PlayStation beyond the period outlined in the current Sony-Activision deal, but Ryan accuses Spencer of not disclosing the whole truth as it extends the deal for another three years.

The competition and trade authority believes that a series on the scale of Xbox-exclusive Call of Duty could affect PlayStation’s ability to compete in a future next generation and since Microsoft did not provide necessary information to allay the issues in this department, it has moved forward to a second phase of investigations.

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