Moraes evaluates request to close shooting clubs for the election

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Alexandre de Moraes, said this Thursday, 22, that he will evaluate the request made by the Civil Police’s general delegates for the Court to determine the closing of shooting clubs 48 hours earlier. of the two rounds of this year’s election, on polling day and within 24 hours after the results are announced. Moraes met with Civil Police chiefs last Tuesday, 20.

During the meeting, 21 heads of the Civil Police in the States suggested reinforcing measures to restrict the carrying of weapons during the electoral period, with special attention to the category of collectors, shooters and hunters, the so-called CACs. Delegates also discussed TSE resolutions that prohibited the carrying of cell phones in polling stations and weapons in the vicinity of polling stations.

The regulation approved by the Electoral Court, at the end of August, authorizes the carrying only to agents of the Public Security Forces who are on duty on the day of the vote. All other arms carriers will be arrested in flagrante delicto and framed for committing an electoral crime.

The police informed the TSE that they had defined an on-call regime in partnership with the heads of the Military and Federal Police to guarantee security on the weekend of the elections. According to the top level of the security forces, there is special concern about the increase in the number of weapons in circulation in the country, which can aggravate political conflicts due to electoral reasons.

Last Tuesday, 20, most ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) suspended excerpts from decrees edited by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to make the civilian population’s access to weapons and ammunition more flexible. The Court’s decision was adopted on a provisional basis, in response to requests from the PT and PSB, to prevent the acquisition of new weapons and equipment during the electoral period. Ministers should resume the discussion after the elections. The acronyms in opposition to the government pointed to the risk of increasing political violence during the campaign.

As revealed by Estadão, the arms policy of the Bolsonaro government caused the number of CACs to exceed the number of PMs and members of the Armed Forces, constituting armed militias spread across the country. A survey by the Igarapé and Sou da Paz institutes pointed out that the number of weapons registered by the CAC category has almost tripled since December 2018 and surpassed, in July this year, the 1 million mark.

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