Moro uses Ciro Gomes to attack PT

Former judge Sergio Moro (União Brasil), who is a candidate for the Senate from Paraná, used the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) to attack the PT. On Thursday, the 22nd, the former Minister of Justice stated that the PT “want to destroy everyone who opposes the party”.

“The campaign to attack Ciro Gomes is yet another demonstration of the PT’s totalitarian nature,” the former judge posted on a social network. “I’m not a Ciro voter, but be warned.”

The tone adopted by Moro is similar to what Ciro has used against former President Lula (PT). The pedestrian was even accused of being an auxiliary of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the clashes against the PT.

“I never paid any praise to Bolsonaro. I took to the streets for impeachment. I signed three impeachment requests against Bolsonaro. I went to the court in The Hague to represent against Bolsonaro’s genocidal character,” said Ciro during his participation in a hearing promoted by the Estadão last Wednesday 21st. He also stated that the PT finances a “hate office” that produces fake news about the use of his speech by Bolsonaristas.

At the same event, however, Ciro linked the PT to ‘left fascism’.

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