new value changes INSS, BPC, PIS/PASEP and others

The Economic Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy reduced its forecast for the 2023 minimum wage, a decision that will impact millions of Brazilians. The readjustment of the national floor is based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

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According to the new estimate from the ministry, the INPC should end the year at 6.54%, and it does not have 7.41% as expected until then. As this is the percentage adopted in the correction of the minimum, the amount foreseen for the next one goes from R$ 1,302 to R$ 1,291.26.

The alteration affects workers across the country, but also the INSS insured (National Social Security Institute), beneficiaries of the Continued Benefit (BPC/LOAS) and even the unemployed.

Impact on INSS benefits

The minimum amount that an INSS retiree or pensioner can receive is called the floor and is linked to the minimum wage. In this way, the benefits paid by the municipality increase proportionally, as do the contributions collected from the workers’ remuneration.

The same change applies to the BPC, an assistance benefit that is equivalent to a current minimum wage.

Impact on workers’ benefits

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus is another program that undergoes changes, since its maximum value also corresponds to the minimum in force. The bonus is calculated according to the number of months worked in the year considered for calculation, being 1/12 of the national minimum wage for each month.

Finally, there will also be a change in unemployment insurance, aimed at workers dismissed without just cause. As in the case of INSS benefits, the lowest amount paid to the citizen must correspond to the minimum wage.

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