No Prohibition: Bar Offers Free Beer to Any Customer Who Proves They Voted in the Election | World

This is the promotion of the River Pub, in the Italian city of Vittorio Veneto, for regulars who vote in the Italian election next Sunday (25).

In Italy, of course, there is no restriction on the sale of alcoholic beverages on voting day.

Dino Michelon, owner of the River Pub for 41 years, told the newspaper “Corriere del Veneto” that he intends to encourage participation in the upcoming elections. To receive the free beer, just show up on Sunday (25) or until Monday (26) and prove that you went to the polls by presenting your stamped voter registration card.

River Pub owner Dino Michelon wants to encourage turnout — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Rive Pub

Michelon wants people to vote irrespective of their political ideas and the party chosen at the poll.

“I’m certainly not going to ask customers what they voted for, that’s certainly not the point. Given the very low interest in the last elections, I decided to contribute in my own way to remember and underline the importance of free expression of opinion”, he commented. that if a voter does not want to go to the polls, it will certainly not be a beer that will convince him”, he said.

More than 50 million Italians were called to the polls this Sunday (25) for early legislative elections.

The post-fascist leader of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party, Giorgia Meloni, anti-European and nationalist, is the favorite to become prime minister after Sunday’s elections, which raises much concern in Europe.

Giorgia Meloni on campaign, on September 11, 2022 – Photo: Piero Cruciatti/AFP

An admirer of Benito Mussolini in his youth, the 45-year-old politician leads all polls with around 24%. Known for her direct language since her years as a student leader in Rome, she could also become the country’s first female head of government.

A militant on the post-fascist right since he was 15 years old, he has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies since 2006 and does not speak his language to criticize the outgoing government, led by economist Mario Draghi.

Its vertiginous rise is largely due to the fact that it was the only one that opposed Draghi’s government for 18 months, welcoming Italians’ dissatisfaction with inflation, war and restrictions caused by the pandemic. An astonishing leap, given that in the 2013 legislative elections she did not get 2% of the votes.

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