Nubank opens its hand and increases mass customer limit

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On the morning of this Friday (23), Nubank customers used Twitter to report the increase in the limit of credit cards made by fintech. Customers often complain about not being able to get this expansion, but it seems that several users of roxinho gained this increase today, which can be considered a massive increase.

Last year, about 40 days before Black Friday, Nubank carried out a massive limit increase to its customers.

Fintech performs analyzes for the expansion of the limit in different periods according to each client. Therefore, some people receive this increase and others take a little longer.

Nubank limit increase

As stated earlier, it is not always possible to increase the card limit depending on the amount to be expanded. In this sense, when Nubank carries out these readjustments, for some it can be a reason for joy, while for others, a reason for concern.

On Twitter, the digital bank’s customers demonstrated their position on increasing the credit card limit. Check out.

Whenever issues related to banks happen, users use social networks to express themselves and even create new memes.

Why does Nubank not always increase the limit?

To increase the limit of its customers, Nubank takes into account two main factors. The first one concerns external data, that is, how the customer behaves in the market. And the second relates to the fintech’s internal data, that is, payment history and card transactions.

In addition, customers who do not use much of the current limit and request the increase are unlikely to be able to. This is because the digital bank understands that, if the user does not make use of the available limit, there is no reason to increase this margin even further.

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