Palmeiras prefers not to negotiate Endrick with Spanish football

The information released by the Spanish newspaper Sport, reporting a meeting between Endrick’s staff and Barcelona representatives is not encouraging at Palmeiras, according to sources heard by the UOL Esporte.

The club prefers other markets to the Spanish one. Nothing against the country or the clubs there. The problem is taxes. Of all the world’s top sports markets, Spain has by far the biggest tax bite for Brazilians.

The Spanish tax authorities take no less than 15% on a transfer of a player from Brazil to Spanish football. This is due to a bilateral trade agreement between the nations.

So a transfer for the player’s fine, 60 million euros (R$305 million today), would actually give the club alviverde 51 million euros — or R$45 million less.

There is still an additional problem. Palmeiras already faces a problem of the type due to the negotiation of Yerry Mina with the same Barcelona, ​​in 2017. The club disputed this value with Spain. And in the case of a new negotiation, the Spanish Revenue can block the amounts it considers due in the Colombian transaction.

There are three scenarios in which Endrick would go to La Liga, depending on Palmeiras.

The first would be if the player puts his foot down about playing in Spain. In that case, Palmeiras would have a tougher negotiation to try to maximize the proposal, but at some point, it would end up giving in.

Endrick will also go to La Liga if a Spanish bid proves to be more economically advantageous even with the tax. Or, finally, if the buying club pays the 15% tax, leaving Palmeiras with the desired value “clean”.

At 16 years old, Endrick has a contract with Palmeiras until the end of 2025. The player was listed for the first time for a professional game last Sunday (18), against Santos, but did not enter the field.

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