Rare black panther spotted by amateur photographer during hunt

An amateur photographer has managed to capture the image of a rare black panther during a nighttime hunt in Laikipia, Kenya.

Steve Darling, 74, was on safari through the region’s reserves in early September when he came across the imposing animal, which was hunting a small antelope.

The female was named Giza, which in Swahili means darkness, due to the panther’s nocturnal appearances through the African jungle.

In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, Steve Darling explained that he was accompanied by a group and was returning to the camp where he was staying. Their objective was to locate a leopard.

However, when they arrived at a certain stretch of the route, everyone was surprised by the arrival of Giza.

“She inhabits the surroundings of the Ewaso Narok River and crosses the bank to hunt. She is a beautiful young female, not long after she left her normal-colored mother, who was also nearby”, described the photographer.

“Giza broke through the bush, easily killed a dik-dik [antílope] and climbed into an acacia [árvore] to make the meal”, he added.

Darling also said that the black panther stayed about two hours on top of the acacia enjoying the meal. Once satisfied, she descended and returned to the woods.

“As you can imagine, it’s not easy to photograph a black leopard at night using spotlights, and I was delighted when the results became available,” he said. “Unfortunately, heavy rain in the mountains caused the river to overflow and Giza was unable to cross to other areas accessible to us.”

Black panthers only differ from other leopards in coat color, a genetic variation known as melanism.

Those who have dark fur are better able to survive and reproduce in their environment, as they are able to camouflage themselves easily. This is also a great advantage for these predators during night hunting.

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