Rodrigo Bocardi impresses and shows a photo of his daughter: “Really beautiful”

Rodrigo Bocardi’s daughter’s beauty impresses the whole web

Rodrigo Bocardi, Globo anchor surprised fans by showing a photo of her daughter. The girl’s beauty impressed all her followers, who wasted no time and commented:

“Congratulations Princess”; “Linda Seu Menina Rodrigo and “Linda Really” were some of the many comments praising the journalist’s heiress.

When captioning the photo, Rodrigo Bocardi said: “Then when you see the legs are bigger than the father! ❤️ My love without measures @annebocardi “.

Rodrigo Bocardi's daughter's beauty impresses the whole web
The beauty of Rodrigo Bocardi’s daughter impresses the whole web (Photo: Reproduction)

Anchor moves everyone by talking about the death of a co-worker

Rodrigo Bocardi, who is very dear to the public, moved everyone who was watching the Good morning São Pauloin honor of the journalist Wagner Vallim, his work colleague at Globo.

He worked on the TV news and died after a massive heart attack. The TV Globo anchor brought together the entire journalistic team of the show and revealed that in his last conversation with Vallim, he encouraged him not to give up on his career.

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‘In the last meeting with him, he asked to take a picture and said: ‘Rodrigo, don’t give up, you represent us. It is the importance of Good Morning São Paulo. Do you know what that means in everyone’s life?’ And I said: ‘I can’t, Valim, I think about giving up. It’s difficult”, revealed the journalist.

Rodrigo Bocardi also said: He used to say that journalism is courage, encouraging me. I often think about giving up, and his word is insist, persist. This Good Morning will continue at Valim’s request.

We lost a very dear friend. He was responsible for our investigation department. I’m thrilled because that’s where I started my career, the first step in journalism’he told in his moving account, aired on his daily program.

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