São Lucas will stop serving Unimed customers from this Friday

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The care of Unimed patients in Sergipe at Hospital São Lucas, in Aracaju, will be permanently interrupted this Friday, 23. The information was released by the health operator.

In a statement sent to the press, Unimed SE said that despite the interruption of care, users hospitalized until September 22, 2022, will remain covered by the health plan until the end of hospitalization.

Also according to Unimed SE, the discontinuity of care is due to the initiative of Hospital São Lucas to unilaterally terminate the contract for the provision of care services. At the time, the hospital unit claimed that the health care provider had been accumulating debts since November 2021.

Hospital São Lucas, through social media, confirmed that it will no longer serve Unimed customers (all plans) and explained that, as of September 23, these patients will be treated on a private basis.


Hospital São Lucas – Rede D’Or São Luiz announced by means of a note, on August 8, the suspension of services for Unimed Sergipe customers. According to the hospital, delays and unjustified cuts in payment by Unimed were what led to the decision.

At the time, Unimed SE said that it was seeking a conciliatory dialogue and that the default referred to by the hospital concerns disallowances made due to price disagreements.

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