Stênio Garcia’s health condition worsens: “Lung inflammation”

Stênio Garcia has worsening health and wife reports

The actress Marilene Saade used her social networks, this Wednesday (21), to talk about her husband’s health, Stênio Garciaand worried his followers.

The famous vented about the symptoms of Covid-19 that the couple is facing and said that even vaccinated people are feeling the effects of the virus, but extolled the importance of the vaccine, as the situation would be much worse if they were not immunized.

The actors are already more than a week with the symptoms and Marilene Saade revealed that her husband developed an inflammation in the lung.

“Stênio has ten days of symptoms and nine days that he was positive and also remains positive and with inflammation in the lung seen yesterday in a CT scan at the hospital”said when sharing the positive test.

The famous showed that she is worried about the situation, as it is past the period when doctors say that the virus is active in the body: “According to them, it only lasted a week and here we are still infected”.

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The actress also shared her Covid-19 test and revealed how long she has been feeling the symptoms and with the virus active in her body.

“I already have nine days of symptoms and seven days from when I tested positive and I continue to test positive. They said he was leaving in seven days, but he didn’t. What is this, my God?” he despaired.

This is the second time that Stênio Garcia has contracted the disease. The first time happened in April 2021.

It is worth remembering that the couple got into a mess after Marilene Saade forced her husband out of an interview, as he was without a mask.

Marilene Saade discloses positive test result for Covid-19 and worries (Reproduction: TV montage focus)
Marilene Saade discloses positive test result for Covid-19 and worries (Reproduction: TV montage focus)

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