The controversial news that Felipão will give to Athletico Paranaense fans


O Athletico Paranaense and the coach Felipe have not yet met to decide what the coach’s role will be next season. However, the 2 parties reached a consensus that the commander will work at the club next year. The team is currently a finalist for the Liberators and is parked in sixth place in the Brazilian championship.

Felipe was hired to be technical coordinator, but ended up suddenly assuming the position of coach. The permanence in the function in 2023 is not ruled out by the top management, but the coach’s desire not to continue working as a coach is known. president Mario Celso Petraglia already announced to the press that the final word will be of the veteran commander.

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president Petraglia it’s the CEO Alexandre Mattos only discussed the continuity of the work of Felipe after the decision of Liberators. They emphasized to the press that the result of the game should not interfere with the definition. But that is a strategy of its own Drilling so that the coach’s work has enough acceptance behind the scenes of the Arena da Baixada and don’t have your focus diverted.

Felipe has already announced that he wants to retire from coaching at the end of the season. 2022. But the professional himself acknowledged that, due to the identification he had with the hurricane and the positive evaluation of his work, it is possible that he will extend his bond in Paraná for another season. The club and the coach will soon comment on this decision, but it should only be made after the Liberators.

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