The elites’ ecological daydream is crumbling

In an article published in Edition 130 from the Magazine West, Fraser Myers argues that the elites’ ecological daydream is crumbling. The columnist shows how European countries are turning to fossil fuels to not run out of energy.

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“As the mother of all energy crises begins to make itself felt, bringing fear of rationing, fuel shortages and blackouts, perhaps we are beginning to glimpse a glimmer of awareness, recognition of reality, coming from the green political class of the UK.

After all, for at least the past decade, our energy policy has been driven by a singular myopic issue: reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change. As a result, successive governments have failed to secure cheap and plentiful supplies of energy. Politicians even bragged about plans to make supply more precarious. Reliable fuels despite fossils and CO emitterstwo, were eliminated. Wind and solar, while unreliable but “zero carbon”, have replaced them. Even nuclear power, which produces zero carbon energy, has been neglected and despised by our ecological elites.

Now a partial U-turn is taking place. As the UK struggles to gather enough gas supplies for the coming winter, and the price of energy reaches impossible values, suddenly energy security is at the top of the priority list.”

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Issue 130 of the Magazine West goes beyond the text of Fraser Myers. The digital publication features special reports and articles by Augusto Nunes, Cristyan Costa, JR Guzzo, Rodrigo Constantino, Guilherme Fiuza, Ana Paula Hekel, Gabriel de Arruda Castro, Silvio Navarro, Thaméa Danelon, Flávio Gordon, Edilson Salgueiro, Bruno Meyer, Dagomir Marquezi and Carlos Nadalim.

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