The Farm 14: After Deborah’s return from the countryside, Deolane has a bizarre attitude and “faints”: “This reaction”


The peoas have been great rivals since the beginning of the rural reality show and they are something to talk about among internet users because of that.

Images: Playback/RecordTV.
Images: Playback/RecordTV.

During the dawn of today, Friday (23), the participants of “The Farm 14″ had several unusual moments. Among them is the reaction that Deolane Bezerra had when she realized that Deborah Albuquerque, her great rival in the reality show, was back at the competition headquarters..

Upon learning that the pawn got rid of the first elimination, which caused Bruno Tálamo to leave with 15.69% of the votes in the rural program, the lawyer decided to innovate and “fainted out”. As the confined friends celebrated, MC Kevin’s widow just clapped her hands and smiled shyly.

However, after a few moments, the influencer gained the viewers’ attention by throwing herself on the floor, pretending to faint. The situation was even commented on by Adriane Galisteu, presenter of the program. “This reaction is so wonderful”he released, laughing.

Deolane’s controversial moments didn’t stop there. After returning to headquarters, the lawyer ended up starring in a large shack with Ruivinha de Marte. The funkeira declared that the influencer “is very superb”, and the lawyer made a point of rebutting the woman’s lines.

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