Those who worked THIS year can receive BRL 10,000; understand how

O FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) It is intended for Brazilian workers who carry out formal activities, that is, who work with a formal contract. O benefit has been made available this year in two modalities, the birthday withdrawal and the extraordinary withdrawal.

However, workers who receive the benefit may have a big surprise later this year when they receive up to R$ 10 thousand in their accounts.

Readjustment in FGTS values

Currently, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) is analyzing the possibility of reviewing the values ​​of the FGTS. This is because the amount collected by the fund monthly from the worker’s account is readjusted based on the Referential Rate (TR) and not on the inflation index, which causes beneficiaries to stop receiving large amounts.

FGTS amounts are not readjusted according to the INPC since 1999. Therefore, the purpose of the action is to guarantee the readjustment of the benefit and reset the values ​​of the last 23 years.

According to experts, workers who have been in formal activity since 1999 and benefit from the FGTS, may receive, if readjusted, the amount of R$ 10 thousand. Recent data indicate that about 100 million workers would be entitled to payment.

Caixa releases deadline for redemption of R$1 thousand from FGTS

Attention workers. O extraordinary loot of FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) is still available to millions of workers who have not yet made the rescue. The withdrawal has been open since April this year and will continue until December 15th.

According to official data, a total of 42 million workers are entitled to the benefit. It is worth noting that the withdrawal method is optional. Therefore, those who are already aware of the amounts available, but do not want to redeem them, must request the return of the money until November 10th, or wait for the redemption period to expire to move the fund’s account.

How to check the FGTS withdrawal of up to R$1 thousand

In principle, the worker can consult the payment through the FGTS website, application from the FGTS (available for Android and iOS), or at a Caixa branch.

In addition, after checking the payment, simply access the application box has, savings account in which the money is deposited, and move the values. Through the application, the worker can enjoy services such as transfer, payment of bills and slips, cell phone recharge, virtual card and even cash withdrawal.

Deadlines to withdraw the R$ 1 thousand from the FGTS

It is worth mentioning that those who do not move the amounts within 90 days, counting from the deposit date, will have the money back in the FGTS accounts, in a corrected way. In this case, if the worker forgot the deadline and still wants to withdraw the funds, he must request them from the Caixa.

“Workers who have the funds automatically returned to the FGTS account, due to the non-movement of the amounts, and who still want the Extraordinary Loot credit, have until 12/15/2022 to make the request through the FGTS App. After the request, the credit will be made to the CAIXA Tem digital account within 15 days.

The Federal Government released more than R$ 30 billion in order to make the withdrawal possible for about 43.7 million Brazilians entitled to the new modality. In addition, it is important to note that the return of values ​​for those who did not redeem, at least a part, began on the 6th of the last month.

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