‘Who understands blows is not me’

The possibility of an extra year in office for Duilio Monteiro Alves continues to generate heated statements and debates in Parque São Jorge. The situation was revealed by the portal my wheel on the last day 14.

On Thursday night, in an interview with Radio Craque Neto, the current president spoke on the subject for the first time. Duilio reaffirmed what he had told the board members at last Monday’s meeting: changes with the approval of the Board and the partners are democratic.

“In my first year in office, they already started a political campaign, this is disrespectful to me, to my board and to the club. When I became president, I warned my directors that, whoever had political pretensions, that he handed over his card. , if I thought about politics, I would stop taking care of things at the club. I can’t think about pleasing everyone”, said Duilio.

“I don’t get involved in the proposals nor do I participate in the (Statute Reform) Committee meetings. The (Deliberative) Council has the capacity to make decisions and that is a democratic way. Afterwards, there will still be a General Assembly of Members. Any change ( in the statute) will not be a coup”, he added.

Duilio did not forgive former president Mário Gobbi Filho who, at the meeting of the Deliberative Council on Monday, spoke of an attempted coup and raised his tone against his former colleague from a political group.

“The last meeting was sad. Gobbi put on a show, saying I wasn’t democratic, that I wanted to change the statute, that I was a liar. A guy who arrived at Corinthians in 2002, 2003… I was born there. He is a guy who arrived with a redeemed title, a year or two later he became a director for life. To be a director nowadays, a partner has to pay five years. soon after he became president, with the support of our ticket. He tried to be president last year with our group, betrayed and went to the other group. I don’t want to waste time… , who completed:

“To make it clear… I’m here to fulfill my mandate until December 31, 2023, doing everything I can without meddling in politics. I want to leave here with a clear conscience that I gave my best for Corinthians”, he concluded.

Understand the origin of the controversy in Parque São Jorge

The situation is as follows: at the moment there is a Statutory Reform Commission that is studying several changes to Corinthians’ internal regulations, among them, the extension of the relationship between the president and the directors for twelve months, from three to four years.

And it is based on this possibility of statutory change that people who support Duilio started to articulate internally for a change already in this management. That is, with Duilio itself enjoying a longer period of stay.

The situation causes a lot of discord between partners and advisers, even within Duilio’s own political group. There is a lot of rejection for such a possibility.

According to the president of the Commission, André Luiz de Oliveira, known as André Negão, the text of the document that is being finalized, at first, will make it clear that the change to a four-year term will only be valid from the next administration (January of 2024 to December 2027).

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