With difficulty taking care of the birds, Bia attacks Shay: “Scratching her ass”

Bia Miranda and Shayan argued this Thursday morning (22/9) about the care of the birds in A Fazenda 14. Farmer of the week, the businessman delegated to the young woman the task of taking care of the chickens, but Gretchen’s granddaughter could not to take care of the message and turned to the ex-Marriage to the Blind, who did not like the way the influencer spoke to him at all.

“Shay, you have to stay downstairs, Shay. It’s my first time and I don’t know how to handle animals, no. The Lucas [fazendeiro da semana anterior] stayed there and helped all the time,” Bia told the Iranian. “No need to be ignorant like that, just ask for help,” Shayan replied, making Gretchen’s granddaughter even more annoyed.

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The two could not reach a consensus and argued from the official headquarters of A Fazenda to the bird lake. “If I don’t, you have to. I’m there for more than two hours doing the fucking bird and you’re fucking sleeping”, shouted Bia.

“Become a farmer for what, then? The Farmer has to do things, he doesn’t have to stand still like you, no, scratching his fucking ass”, added the young woman. “Rivinha de Marte used to stay here for two hours too [cuidando das aves]. Turn around because it’s your responsibility. Read the manual, read the manual and that’s it. Read the manual and go learn, that’s it”, replied Shayan.

Despite the sparks that exchanged during the journey to the chicken and duck area, Shayan helped Bia Miranda to finish her role with the birds.

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