After dismissal, Facincani sends a message to ESPN on social media

Sports commentator Felippe Facincani spoke for the first time after being fired from ESPN. The journalist announced the creation of his new YouTube channel, in which he thanked, in his first published video, the period he worked at the station.

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The news of Facincani’s resignation last Wednesday stirred social media. Many viewers wondered about the reasons for the dismissal and what the commentator’s next steps would be.

Last Thursday, he created his channel and has already published two videos. The first, titled ‘Thanks, ESPN. Welcome, Canal do Facincani’, attracted a lot of users of the platform.

In the video, Facincani thanked the affection of the fans and the broadcaster, which gave him the opportunity to comment in one of the most valued stands on television.

– I cannot forget to thank ESPN, in these two years, for all the structure and base it gave me so that I could consolidate my career. It was a childhood dream to work in this noble and special place, the house (broadcasting station) that I most admired when I was a kid, she said.

He also said that the dismissal occurred due to differences with the channel, but did not expand on the subject. The commentator participated in the merger of ESPN with Fox Sports, in 2020, and began to comment on the network’s programs.

– Of course, divergences of ideas exist in all squares, in all markets. It was no different this time: ESPN follows its path very successfully, because, in fact, it is revolutionizing the sports market, and I will follow and walk my path here with you (followers) – explained Facincani.

This Friday morning, he published a video with content aimed at Palmeiras, already starting work on his new channel. The commentator already has more than 15,000 subscribers on the platform.

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