Americanas offers 20,000 100% free scholarships in the IT area

Americanas launched a technology training program. The offer is more than 20 thousand places in a course whose training will be 100% free. It is mainly aimed at university students and recent IT graduates. Find out how to apply and apply for one of the scholarships.

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The program is called Americanas do Futuro.

This is the first edition of the initiative that promises to be a success and that seeks to enable more professionals for the demands of the job market. The biggest demand is for data scientists and software engineers.

American technology training

At its launch, 20,000 scholarships will be made available for online training, but only 200 will be offered for the full course. The training is divided into Data Science, Back-End and Front-End tracks.

According to the company, the focus of the moment is employability. Through the courses, students and recent graduates will have the chance to improve their knowledge and take advantage of the increasingly heated market.

The professionals of technology are among the most requested. There was a shortage of manpower and, unfortunately, the trend is that things will continue like this for the next few years.

The content of Americanas’ technology training course is created by the Let’s Code platform. The goal of the initiative is to serve 79,000 students over the next five years. The courses are free. The duration is five months. There are live classes and asynchronous content on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7pm to 10pm.

Those interested in the IT area must register on the Let’s Code platform. Upon entering the site, the person will need to choose a knowledge trail. The options are the ones already mentioned: Data Science, Back-End and Front-End.

Through the website, candidates get more details about the opportunity and can choose the area of ​​greatest interest. Applications close on September 23, that is, this Friday.

The selection process consists of five stages. Initially, there will be online training; logic, math and programming test; presentation video; group dynamics and a Coding Tank.

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