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One of the highlights of Fluminense in the current season, André is one of the players who praise the method of coach Fernando Diniz. In an interview with ESPN’s “Sports Center” program, the midfielder said that the coach is “an extremely out-of-the-curve guy as a coach, and especially as a person.” The tricolor jewel also declared that it energizes the coach as one of the best – or the best – in Brazil.

– I am very happy that he is helping me to evolve more and more, to play better. A guy who is always guiding me, treats me like a son. It gets easier, he has a very good friendship with the group. We were able to understand his idea well. For me, today, if not the best coach in Brazil, he is in the top 3, an extremely different coach. He believes in his ideas and often says that he is no better or worse than anyone else. I have nothing against the work of the other coaches, but, for me, today he is the most different coach in Brazil, without a doubt – said the player.

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André had a great performance in Fla-Flu — Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

The midfielder also talked about the 2-1 victory over Flamengo, last Sunday, at Maracanã, when he had another great performance. For André, the “secret” to win the team that he classified as “the best squad in the country” is to take the opponent out of his comfort zone and not stop putting pressure on him.

– I believe that, whenever we face Flamengo, we take them out of comfort. Watching some games, the opponents are already scoring in a low line, they already come in with a lot of respect for Flamengo. I think we have to respect, but respect by pressing, playing with the ball and imposing our type of game.

– The Flamengo team, in terms of squad, I don’t see a better team today in Brazil. It’s a very quality team. But Fluminense also has a lot of quality. We have Ganso, who for me is the best player in Brazil today, we have Arias, who manages to get out of difficult situations and create solutions, and we have the top scorer in the world. We know that to compete with them we need to fight, impose ourselves and get them out of their comfort zone – he said.

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Fluminense returns to the field on Wednesday next week, when it will receive the lantern Juventude, at 19:00 (Brasília time) at Maracanã. Tricolor is third in the Brasileirão table, with 48 points.

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