Candoca accepts proposal, makes Tertulinho angry and starts to get closer to Zé Paulino


The doctor will accept the ex-fiancé’s offer to make Canta Pedra better

Photos: Reproduction / Rede Globo
Photos: Reproduction / Rede Globo

After a long time away from Zé Paulino (Sergio Guize), Candoca (Isadora Cruz) will begin to reconnect with her ex-fiancé in “Sea of ​​the Sertão”. In scenes scheduled to air in the next chapters, the former cowboy will convince his beloved to work with him to improve Canta Pedra.

The good guy will make the invitation to Candoca in the next chapters of the novel. Until then, he will discover that his ex-fiancée and her enemy’s relationship is on the rocks. Intending to end the marriage and ask for a divorce from little talk (Renato Góes), the protagonist will decide to accept the new job.

Candoca you will see that the union with the former partner will not be a bad idea. Over time, she will even notice that Zé Paulino and manduca (Enzo Diniz) are getting closer and closer. In this way, the young lady will deduce that her new job will help even more so that the relationship between father and son flourishes more.

However, Candoca will not please much and will become the target of Laura (Eli Ferreira). the assistant of Zé Paulino is secretly in love with the ex-cowboy and won’t be happy to see the boss’s old fiancée getting back together with him. Despite this, the doctor José will make several plans to transform the sertão.

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