City and Bahia Group predict ‘G7’ payroll and R$ 650 million of investments

6% commission for intermediaries, payroll of up to R$15 million and investment in base divisions. GOAL details club sale agreement

Grupo City and Bahia entered into an agreement for the sale of 90% of the club’s football shares after its transformation into SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol). The business will generate around R$ 650 million, 40% of which will be used to pay off the association’s debt.

High investments are foreseen, making Bahia the second team to receive more important signings from the entire conglomerate, behind only the team that has Pep Guardiola on the bench.

THE GOAL investigated some details of the negotiations that culminated in the transformation of Tricolor de Aço into a company and details the deal involving the group that controls Manchester City.

investment in football

Grupo City promised to invest heavily in Bahia’s football. With the return of the team to Serie A, the desire is to spend a lot on signings in the ball market. The squad will be strengthened, and the salary sheet will be expanded.

The new management is willing to spend up to R$ 15 million per month on athletes’ remuneration, as determined by the report. The values ​​would place Bahia in the top-7 of the salary sheets of national football.

The initial desire was to spend up to R$ 10 million per month, but this was negotiated behind the scenes, and the amount was increased.

base will be focus

Bahia’s base divisions will receive a high investment from the City Group — the amounts are not disclosed, but the idea is to focus on the work of training athletes at the Fonte Nova Arena.

Amounts will be spent for the reformulation of the department of lower categories. The idea is to renovate the training center, hire new professionals and prospect young talents throughout the national territory.

commission for intermediary

The negotiation will yield 6% of commission to the entrepreneur who made the intermediation of the negotiations. Agent Paulo Pitombeira, who took Gabriel Jesus to the Etihad Stadium in 2017, was responsible for strengthening relations between the two parties. Therefore, he will have around R$ 39 million, as the GOAL.

The uncertainty is about who will be responsible for the payment: the City Group or the club. This situation will be discussed after the deal has been sealed between the parties.

maintenance of traditions

THE GOAL anticipated last August that the club crest, colors and name will be kept, unchanged after the transformation into SAF (Sociedad Anónima do Futebol) and the initial investment by the group that also manages Manchester City. President Guilherme Bellintani also remains in office after the negotiations.

The association will be entitled to 10% of the club’s football shares, while the new group will be responsible for 90%.

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