Corinthians holds a tie against So Jos and qualifies for the quarterfinals of the LNF; check out

This Friday, Corinthians tied with São José by 0-0, at Ginásio Tênis Clube, in Vale do Paraíba, in a duel valid for the return game of the round of 16 of the National Futsal League. With the result, the alvinegro club secured a spot in the next phase of the national competition.

In the first leg, at Ginásio Wlamir Marques, in Parque São Jorge, Corinthians had won 4-0. With that, the white-and-white club entered the court and could tie the match to qualify for the quarterfinals of the National Futsal League (LNF).

The match was balanced. Despite the advantage, the alvinegro club launched the attack in the first half and was close to scoring a goal, if not for the great performance of Matheus, goalkeeper of São José. The second stage belonged to the Vale do Paraíba team, which pressured Corinthians, but the goal did not come out.

Timão faces Joinville or Campo Mourão in the quarterfinals of the national competition. The second duel between the teams will be this Saturday, at 10:30 am, in the city of Santa Catarina – in the first game, Cascavel won 3-1

Write it down – Corinthians faces the winner of the clash between Cascavel and Joinville in the quarterfinals. Before that, the alvinegro club has a commitment to the Futsal State. Timão will face Guarujá on Friday, at 7:30 pm, on the coast of São Paulo.


Coach Deividy Hadson had maximum strength for the decision by the National Futsal League. Timão entered the court with the same team that played the first leg. Corinthians’ starting quintet was Lucas Oliveira, Henrique, Tatinho, Allan and Deives

The game

First time

The match started studied, with both teams acting in a reactive way. Corinthians’ first chance was just three minutes away. In a free kick, Allan kicked hard and forced goalkeeper Matheus to make a good save.

São José responded with danger shortly afterwards. With three minutes left on the clock, Timão vacillated in the defense field and lost the ball. Vandinho had possession, kicked hard and the ball exploded on Lucas Oliveira’s crossbar.

At five minutes, Corinthians was close to scoring a goal. After a corner kick, Deives finished with a volley and Matheus made a good save to save the São José team and maintain equality on the scoreboard.

The team from Vale do Paraíba returned the chance in the eighth minute. Goalkeeper Matheus received a pass in the middle of the court, kicked hard and forced Lucas Oliveira to make a good save. São José started to attack with more impetuosity.

Corinthians had a good opportunity in the tenth minute. Kauê received with his back to the marker, turned, finished and Matheus made a good save. Timão improved its offensive part in the confrontation.

The match got busy. With odds side by side. Levy pulled off a good counterattack, finished and Matheus made a good defense again to save São José. The goalkeeper was São José was establishing himself as the best player of the match. At 12 minutes, Canabarro took a free-kick with a strong kick and forced him to make a good save again.

Corinthians took the offensive actions at the end of the first stage. At 17 minutes, Deives pulled a counterattack, pedaled over the mark, finished and the ball passed the goalkeeper’s right post.

The first half ended in a 0-0 tie.

Second time

Corinthians returned to the second half pressing São José in the attack. With two minutes running on the clock, Henrique made a good move, finished and Matheus defended. On the rebound, the player kicked and the ball went out.

The match was balanced in the first few minutes. Corinthians was betting on plays in the attack and São José could not arrive with strength to pose danger to the defense of the white-and-white club. However, both had difficulties creating opportunities.

At eight minutes, the club from Vale do Paraíba returned to take risks in the attack. Matheus kicked from the middle of the court and forced Lucas Oliveira to make a good save to keep the score at zero. São José started to attack with more impetuosity.

The alvinegro club tried to keep possession of the ball in the last minutes of the second stage. At 11 minutes of the match, Canabarro received in the area, took it off the marker, kicked hard and the ball passed over Matheus’ right post.

With 13 minutes running on the clock, São José created a good opportunity. Vandinho received in the attacking field, advanced into the area, finished and forced Lucas Oliveira to make a good defense to keep the score at zero.

With five minutes left to the end of the duel, the team from Vale do Paraíba launched the attack. At 15 minutes, Felipinho made a good move on the side, carried it to the area, finished and Lucas Oliveira saved the kick from São José.

At 17 minutes into the game, the club from Vale do Paraíba launched an attack with a line goalkeeper. Corinthians started to defend and seek a counterattack to score a game and seal the classification.

The last few minutes have passed. Deives had the chance to score with little left for the final whistle, but Vandinho got in front of the kick and saved São José. With 20 seconds left, Xuxa took a risk from outside the area and Lucas Oliveira made a good save. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.

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