Does hypertension entitle you to INSS benefits? Know the rules

The sickness benefit is a benefit paid by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). It involves a long list of illnesses and situations that give workers access to money. This is the case of those who have hypertension and proves the need to leave work to take care of their health. Understand.

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High blood pressure is a serious and serious disease. It affects about 30% of the Brazilian adult population. The elderly are the most affected, as we have about 50% of people living with the disease. In the face of all this seriousness, hypertension entitles to the medicines and treatments necessary for the Health Unic System (SUS).

Hypertension entitles you to sick pay

Hypertensive people are all those who have high blood pressure frequently and even several times a day. Many are not even aware of the existence of the disease. This is a factor that increases the risks and harms the treatment at the right time. Some symptoms include headaches, dizziness, weakness, chest pain, and blurred vision.

Patients who need specific treatment for hypertension are entitled to sickness benefit from the INSS. To apply, you must prove incapacity for work or in your usual activity, comply with the grace period of 12 contributions and be insured, that is, with the monthly payments up to date.

to ask for the benefit, just contact the INSS. This can be done by calling 135, on the website or in the Meu INSS app. If you prefer the latter case, follow these steps:

  • Access the My INSS app;
  • Log in with your CPF and password;
  • In the “Services” option, choose “Benefits”;
  • Go to Sickness Allowance;
  • Schedule the expertise;
  • Attach documents if requested.

After that, you will need to generate the proof of appointment and appear on the day, time and place of the medical examination. Unfortunately, what many policyholders have reported is that there is a long delay for the benefit to be released by the INSS. This factor, in fact, is perhaps what most harms the treatment.

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