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One of the most successful careers in the history of world sport, and especially of men’s tennis, has come to an end. Roger Federer left the court as a professional tennis player the way he should be, surrounded by his main rivals (and friends), with due tribute to a giant in the history of the sport… but with defeat, alongside Rafael Nadal, for 2 sets 1, partials of 6/4, 6/7 and 9/11 against Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe.

+ Federer cries and says goodbye to the courts: “I would do it all over again”

Roger Federer gets emotional as he leaves the courts at the Laver Cup – Photo: Reuters/Andrew Boyers

The end of the match was marked by an emotional tribute to the now former tennis player. All the colleagues cried along with Federer, who had difficulties even to give an interview. One of the most emotional was Nadal, who cried from the end of the match onwards.

At his side on the court, as it should be, was the one who has always been the great rival, the other side of the “Fedal” rivalry, Rafael Nadal, but who, throughout so many encounters and clashes on the circuit, has become a great friend.

Their doubles match against Americans Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe took a back seat. All those people sitting in the stands were there to see for the last time and pay homage to the career of a genius, who crowned all fans of the sport with spectacular performances and helped to form so many others.

“It was never meant to be this way. I just wanted to play tennis and be with my friends. It was a perfect journey, I would do it all over again,” Federer said after the game on court.

This was clear from the time the teams entered the court. When Nadal and Federer were announced and entered the traditional black court of the Laver Cup, the O2 Arena almost collapsed and countless posters of fans thanking the Swiss legend appeared scattered around the stands.

The message from the teammates set the tone for what would be the match. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic greeted Federer before the first serve and said “enjoy” (enjoy, in direct translation). It was what everyone wanted, for Roger to enjoy his last moments as a professional.

And he did. Roger Federer still achieved the unbelievable: something unprecedented in the farewell to a 25-year career. He passed a ball between the support rod and the net, a space that barely fits a tennis ball.

Almost exactly 25 years after scoring the first points in the ATP rankings, on September 22, 1997, Roger Federer ends his career with 20 grand slam titles, more than US$ 1.1 billion received (according to an estimate by the Forbes) and a legion of fans passionate about the sport he loves and has played for for so many years.

Just the last ball bouncing on the court to end the game and start the party for the idol. As soon as he left the lines for the last time, Federer burst into tears as he hugged his teammates from Team Europe and Team World. In the stands, fans cheered the Swiss with every wave.

Nadal, Tsitsipas and Ruud also couldn’t hold back their tears as they celebrated their teammate still on the court. On the big screen, a statement from all the players involved in the Laver Cup made the Swiss cry again.

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) used the nets to change their logo in honor of Roger.

His wife Mirka, the couple’s four children and Federer’s parents took to the court to celebrate alongside him. The Swiss even took an Olympic lap around the court thanking the fans and was thrown from the air by all the Laver Cup players.

Inside the court, the game unfolded smoothly with the four tennis players having fun on the court. Tiafoe and Sock had the first breakout chance but allowed Nadal and Federer to save. Europeans did not waste. The only chance they had, they broke and won the stage by 6/4.

Roger Federer announces retirement at 41

Roger Federer announces retirement at 41

But Tiafoe and Sock wanted to prolong the Swiss genius’s career. Nadal did the hard work in the Fedal duo, but he couldn’t stop a third-set tiebreak defeat that took the game into the match tiebreak.

In the match tiebreak, Nadal and Federer had the match point, but Frances Tiafoe saved, turned and gave the World Team the chance to win by 2 sets to 1 and put water in Roger’s beer.

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