Fernando Zor shows single phase

Fernando Zor has made it clear that he is single. On social media, the singer has shared with netizens some videos and comments about his current phase after breaking up with Maiara.

Among the most recent publications is a video in which the singer plays with the bad side of being single. “The downside of being single is having to talk about my day about 15 times,” he wrote, referring to the daily exchanges of messages with the “contatinhos”.

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Rumors that Fernando would be single emerged in the second half of August, when he and Maiara stopped following each other on Instagram. At the time, sources sought by the LeoDias column ensured that the two, until that moment, were still together. However, the singer’s recent publications show that the relationship has ended once again.

In an interview with the headline of this column during an event in Brasília in early August, Maraisa joked about the constant comings and goings of her sister and Zor. She said the two broke up and got back together “54” times.

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