Giovanna Gold talks about meeting Paula Barbosa in ‘Pantanal’

After Paula Barbosa, Zefa from “Pantanal” (TV Globo), commented on the meeting, now it was the turn of Giovanna Gold herself, the actress who played the character in the first version of the soap opera on the extinct Rede Manchete, to tell about the backstage between the two in the recordings of the feuilleton.

“She is the author’s cousin (Bruno Luperi) and the granddaughter of Benedito (Ruy Barbosa). Do you think that Madame Gold will say ‘hi, how are you?’. I was a consul’s wife. . I greeted and that was it. I was more concerned about talking to dear people I hadn’t seen in a long time”, said Giovanna, in an interview with Patricia Kogut, in The globe.

In the interview, she detailed the beef that happened with Paula. “I created a text memorization app and sent her a signature in December. And I wished her success. Instagram shows that the message was viewed but she didn’t respond. I have this screenshot. Okay, no need to use my app . Life goes on”, he said.

She continued and said that she talked about this ignored message in a live on the social network, but that she did not imagine the repercussion that it would have.

“I did a live with a journalist talking about it and I didn’t think it would turn into a misunderstanding. He asked me if I had contact with her. I replied that the only contact was this, but that she didn’t even say ‘thank you’. (from the repercussion) I didn’t like this subject anymore. I’m not going to keep feeding it. I know on my side. It became mean to me and her. People feeding fights between Zefas. Inelegant. I don’t need it, no”, he added.

Yesterday, on Gshow’s “Papo de Novela” podcast, Paula commented on the confusion between the two. The actress said she found what she said “very serious”. The artist also said that she did not have the opportunity to talk, but did not rule out an arrangement in the future.

“On that day of the recording, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her about it and, honestly, I don’t even want to. Because when we say something about someone it’s very delicate. A lot of people didn’t know my work and say something like that, nowadays, you can cancel a person,” she said.

The actress said she found the statements made by her “very serious”. “I think she could have come to me and talked to me. So, that day, we greeted each other, but I didn’t have much conversation with her either. I didn’t feel comfortable chatting, but I wish it had been different. moment for us to enjoy together. And I confess that I am still questioning”.

Then, she said that, in the future, she does not rule out a conversation between the two to settle down. “But if one day we have the opportunity to talk about it calmly, we will.”


Unlike the other actors who talked to those responsible for the characters in the original 1990 version, Giovanna said she was ignored by Paula.

Giovanna stated that she got in touch with Benedito’s granddaughter Ruy Barbosa, who now lives the character, but, according to her, was frustrated.

“I sent her a message, I wished her good luck, but she didn’t even say thank you”, confessed Giovanna in a live with journalist Luciano Santiago, on Instagram.

After that, Paula used her Instagram to rebut the statements and denied that this is true.

“I didn’t want to rate this kind of thing, but people have been asking me about it, and I make a point of saying it. (…) Giovanna Gold, the first Zefa from Pantanal, said she sent me a message and I didn’t even say thanks and ignored it. That’s not true. I prefer to believe that someone misinterpreted something she said. Because at the very beginning, when I started to publicize that I was going to play Zefa, she commented on a photo of me and I replied her comment. Saying how happy and honored I was to pick up the baton”.

“Shortly after this happened, I posted a photo of her along with Marcos Palmeira from the first version in my Stories, and I wrote something for her, tagged her, and she replied: ‘cool, success’. I didn’t take it to her on the side of: ‘Oh my God, it’s dry'”, he said.

Paula pointed out that she replied to Giovanna: “I know I answered her. Even because I wouldn’t have to ignore her, I actually wanted to be enjoying this moment with her. And she seems to be making some hurtful statements, while instead of being happy for me, she’s hurting. It’s not cool, because I’m very transparent, true, and I try to be good, polite to everyone, and I would never ignore anyone”.


Giovanna also highlighted the return in the “Pantanal” universe. She and other actors were invited to record scenes of an important event that will air in the last chapter of the soap opera.

“It was really cool. The casting producer called me asking if I would be available. I asked how it would be. She warned me that I wouldn’t receive a fee, but that she had a Globo car. And we don’t say ‘no’ to Globo, right? Cachê is the least important thing for me. I am moved by joy. I called Márcia Ítalo, producer of the original soap opera, asking if she wanted to accompany me. She agreed, and it was great. It was more fun and exciting”, he said.

The actors recorded the sequences of the wedding of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) with Filó (Dira Paes). “I did it myself. The scene doesn’t say who we are. José Leôncio just toasts to friends he hasn’t seen for 32 years (referring to the 1990 version). It was really a luxury figuration”, he said.

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