“I don’t believe it, it can only be a joke”; Giovani’s ‘surprise’ situation is leaked and reaches the ears of Palmeiras fans

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18-year-old has a “problem” and the information stirred alviverde fans

- Giovanni
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O palm trees has been revealing good players over the last few years. The best of them, without a doubt, is the endrick, which is still looking for its space in the professional. The striker is already being watched by several European clubs and proposals will arrive sooner or later at the table of president Leila Pereira.

Who is also very talented, but has a constant “problem” is the attacking midfielder Geovani. Journalist Jorge Nicola reported this Friday (23) that the boy was being prepared as a ‘surprise’ to play Verdão’s under-20 in the final against Corinthians, but he did it hurt again and is out of combat.

Palmeiras was preparing forward Giovani as a surprise to beat Corinthians in the final of the Brazilian Championship this Sunday. However, the 18-year-old suffered another muscle injury and is out of the match.”, the profile “Palestra News” echoed the news passed by Nicola.

On social media, Palmeiras fans lamented yet another injury to the 18-year-old athlete and some already indicate that Verdão should negotiate it soon: “This one hurts too much.. it has to be sold soon”, said a Palestinian.

Another has already criticized the board: “They refused 80M in it, being able to keep a legal % of a future sale, so I ask you, do you think that with this pathetic planning where Wesley and Breno Lopes have more space than a talented guy, Palmeiras will value the guy to the point of selling for a few 120M or more?”, stated.

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