International show on 11/14 will have the biggest stage ever built in DF

O metropolises Music, a new entertainment project by metropolises, will already start with a record. The international show, which will be announced at 10 am on Monday (26/9), will feature the biggest stage ever built in the Federal District, in addition to a lighting, LED and sound scheme never experienced by fans.

Already in the mood? So stay tuned! Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday (28/9). They will be sold online through the Eventim website ( and at physical points of sale, where the convenience fee will not be charged. Initially, tickets can be purchased at the Nilson Nelson Gym box office.

And another important novelty: the value of the tickets can be paid in up to 10 installments on the credit card.

Music Metropolis

With the entry into the entertainment business, the metropolises Music will bring great national and international shows from the music world to the federal capital.

The initiative aims to provide entertainment, joy and fun moments for lovers of good music.

In an unprecedented initiative, the metropolises Music will change Arena BRB’s stage setup. The idea is to enhance the audience’s experience.

In general, the stage of the concerts that take place in the stadium is positioned next to one of the goals of the soccer field. In this case, the distance between the artist and the audience can reach 170 meters.

O metropolises Music will adopt a new configuration – the stage will be mounted on the side of the arena, which will reduce the distance between musicians and fans by three times.

Illustration of the floor plan of the BSB Arena, at the Mané Garrincha Stadium that will be used for the international show of Metrópoles Music - Metrópoles

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