Ipec: ACM Neto has 47% and Jerônimo Rodrigues has 32% in the dispute for the governor of Bahia | Elections 2022 in Bahia

Research carried out by Ipec (formerly Ibope), released this Friday (23) and contracted by TV Bahia, reveals the voting intentions for the governorship of Bahia. This is the second survey carried out by the institute for the electoral race in Bahia in 2022.

The candidate of União Brasil, ACM Neto, appears with 47% of the voting intentions. The index is lower compared to the one found in the previous survey, when Neto had 56%, which represents a drop of nine percentage points.

Although it has decreased, ACM Neto remains with more expressive mentions among voters residing in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador (56%) compared to residents of the interior of the state (44%).

Voting intentions also increase in the group of those who consider the current governor’s administration as fair (56%) or bad/very bad (53%), compared to those who rate it as excellent/good (40%).

In relation to the previous survey, ACM Neto’s voting intentions decrease:

  • From 59% to 47% among men;
  • From 53% to 43% among voters with elementary education;
  • From 56% to 48% among those who declare themselves black/brown;
  • From 56% to 46% among Catholics;
  • From 69% to 56% among residents of the Metropolitan Region of Salvador;
  • From 57% to 40% among those who rate the current governor’s administration as excellent/good;
  • From 56% to 46% among voters who do not have anyone in the household receiving benefits from the federal government.

The second place in the poll is Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT), with 32% of voting intentions, a percentage higher than that indicated in the first poll, which was 13%. That’s 19 percentage points of growth for the PT candidate.

Jerônimo, in turn, grows in all the analyzed segments, except among those who evaluate the administration of the current governor as bad/very bad. The growth was greater among women, going from 13% to 32%, and voters between 45 and 59 years old (from 13% to 36%).

In relation to the previous survey, ACM Neto’s voting intentions grew:

  • Women, going from 13% to 32%;
  • Voters aged 45 to 59, from 13% to 36%;
  • Elementary school voters, from 12% to 33%;
  • With more than 2 minimum wages, going from 13% to 35%;
  • Who declare themselves white, from 13% to 34%;
  • Catholics, from 16% to 36%;
  • Those who rate the current governor’s administration as excellent/good, going from 19% to 48%.

Jerônimo, in this research, still has more expressive mentions among Catholics (36%) compared to Evangelicals (25%); residents of the interior of the state (35%) in relation to those who live in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador (26%) and it grows as the evaluation of the current State Government improves: there are 13% among voters who evaluate it as bad/very bad, 25% among those who do a regular assessment and 48% among those who rate positively.

The other candidates present voting intentions evenly distributed in the analyzed segments.

Marcelo Millet, João Roma, Kléber Rosa and Giovani Damico — Photo: Reproduction / TV Bahia

Candidate João Roma (PL) has 6%, which was 7% in the previous survey.

Candidate Marcelo Millet (PCO) appears with 1%, which was 2% in the previous survey.

In the last positions are Kleber Rosa (PSOL) with 1% – the same rate as in the previous survey – and Giovani Damico (PCB), who did not score in both surveys. White and null votes add up to 4%. Another 8% are undecided.

The research is stimulated and the interviewees answered the following question: if the election for governor of the state of Bahia took place today and the candidates were these, who would you vote for?

Right now, 66% of voters say that their voting decision is final, while 33% say they can change candidates until Election Day. One percent say they don’t know or didn’t answer.

  • JAIR BOLSONARO: 59% classify the president’s management as bad or terrible; 17% consider it excellent or good
  • RUI COSTA: 44% consider the governor’s management to be excellent or good; 18% rate it as bad or very bad

The Institute for Research and Consulting (IPEC) heard 1,504 people, between the 20th and 22nd of September, in 72 cities in the state. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points, given a 95% confidence level. The survey was registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under the numbers BA – 05576/2022 (TRE) and BR – 04999/2022 (TSE).

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  • ACM Neto (Brazil Union): 47%
  • Jerome Rodrigues (PT): 32%
  • João Roma (PL): 6%
  • Marcelo Millet (PCO): 1%
  • Kleber Rosa (PSOL): 1%
  • Giovani Damico (PCB): did not score
  • White or null: 4%
  • Undecided: 8%

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