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Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) was accompanied by Chico Tool, in Ipatinga, this Friday (23/9) (photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

Presidential candidate Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) received at his trade show in Ipatinga, in Vale do Ao, this Friday (23/9), Chico Ferramenta. Weakened, the former mayor of the city of Minas Gerais entered the stage in a wheelchair and received a tribute from the PT for his “out of will”.

Upon going up on stage, Lula welcomed Chico with a kiss on the head as he wiped the tears from his face.

“When I was just a union leader and founder of the PT, we came here in a few people, many of whom are here on this platform. I was very surprised when this little guy (Chico), who was the union opposition and couldn’t win the union, was elected mayor of Ipatinga for the first time”, declared the PT worker.

“Chico Tool is an example of how we can do anything when we want, when we have the will and a noble cause. This fellow managed to show the PT of Minas Gerais that this extraordinary city, a symbol of economic growth and the steel industry, governed by other people, managed to elect Chico Tool twice”, he added.

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In Ipatinga, in the Ao Valley, Lula praised Kalil’s gesture in front of the Belo Horizonte City Hall
(photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA press )

Lula recalled when he had throat cancer and said: “My faith in God and discipline allowed me to be with you again. I know, Chico, that you need to keep having faith, believing in God because He can do everything. We will meet you here many times yet. May God bless you, give you comfort and continue to be our usual Chico Tool”.

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