Miner uses water jet to wash GeForce RTX graphics cards

Cleaning computer components every now and then is very important to keep the parts in good working order, but some vietnam miners took it literally. In a video released by the account @I_Leak_VNon Twitter, the user shows a Ethereum mining farm being washed with water jets.

Even with the comical content of the internet jokes, the account still warns about how dangerous this action can be, since the cards would later be sold on the gray market due to the drop in virtual assets recently. Watch the video below:

Washing components like a GPU with water, even more through jets with such pressure, as in the images, can cause irreversible damage to the product’s resistorsin addition to the liquid penetrating in certain regions where it may not come out, and who knows causing damage to other parts of a PC when turned on, such as short circuits and electrical problems.

Water can also remove chip thermal paste and thermal pads that make contact with the memories, causing overheating in the device. Fan gears can even lose their properties and not work as they should.

Other videos show users doing a immersion bath on the PCB of the boards in a mixture of water and chemicals. In fact, enthusiasts in the field often perform this procedure, but with extra care and attention to avoid damage to the devices.

With the recent lack of interest and difficulties in mining coins, especially Ethereum, several miners are getting rid of their graphics card farms, resorting to lower prices on sites like Ebay and AliExpress. The products, however, undergo a number of modifications along the way and are not recommended.

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