Nicole Bahls reveals if it’s ‘sausage water’ during sex

Nicole Bahls opened up about intimacywhile participating in the OtaLab, presented by Otaviano Costa, at UOL. The model and presenter was asked about sex and responded to a statement given in which she defined herself as ‘sausage water in bed’.

“Once, in an interview, you defined yourself as ‘sausage water in bed’”said columnist Lucas Pasin. “And I got that in my head. Can you explain to me what you mean?”he asked. “It’s not being that whole ‘skyscraper’, you know? It’s about being calmer. Being ‘sausage-water’ is being more moderate”fired the famous.


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Nicole Bahls, who collects football muse titles, in addition to programs like Panic and The farm, revealed that he is not bothered by the stereotypes he receives. “But I’ve never gotten that kind of sung much either. People always say I’m nice, caring. Delicious, not so much. As much as it seems… but no”he said.

Mysterious, Bahls teased by quoting again about life within four walls. “Thank God, I can’t say they call me hot out there. Only within four walls.” scored.

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