Paula Barbosa exposes climate in meeting with 1st Zefa of “Pantanal”

Paula barbosa expoe climao in meeting with giovanna gold

Paula barbosa expoe climao in meeting with giovanna gold

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Paula Barbosawhich interprets Zefa in “Pantanal”, opened the game and exposed a climate he faced when meeting with Giovanna Goldwho played the character in the first version of the novel.

After a “fight” between them, the two were face to face in the backstage of the serial, however, the situation was not so pleasant. Even with the weather, Paula said she didn’t have the opportunity to talk to Gold, but she didn’t rule out an arrangement in the future.

“On that day of the recording, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her about it and, honestly, I don’t even want to. Because when we say something about someone it’s very delicate. A lot of people didn’t know my work and say something of that, nowadays, can cancel a person”, stated the actress on the podcast “Papo de Novela”, by Gshow.

In fact, Paula Barbosa highlighted that she found the statements of Zefa’s first interpreter very serious. “I think she could have looked for me and talked to me. So, that day, we greeted each other, but I didn’t have much conversation with her either. I didn’t feel comfortable chatting, but I wish it had been different. time for us to enjoy together. And I confess that I am still questioning”, vented. “But if one day we have the opportunity to talk about it calmly, we will,” she added.

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Giovanna Gold revealed that she was ignored by Paula Barbosa. The actress, who played Zefa in the first version of the novel, said that she got in touch with Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s granddaughter, however, she did not get a response from him. “I sent her a message, I wished her good luck, but she didn’t even say thank you,” she said in a live with journalist Luciano Santiago, on Instagram.

After the repercussion, Paula used social networks to express herself and denied Giovanna. “I didn’t want to rate this kind of thing, but people have been asking me about it, and I make a point of saying it. (…) Giovanna Gold, the first Zefa from Pantanal, said she sent me a message and I didn’t even I didn’t even thanked and ignored it. That’s not true. I prefer to believe that someone misinterpreted something she said. Because at the very beginning, when I started to disclose that I was going to play Zefa, she commented on a photo of me and I replied to the comment her. Saying how happy and honored I was to pick up the baton,” she said.

The actress also recalled another situation in which the two exchanged messages. “Shortly after this happened, I posted a photo of her along with Marcos Palmeira from the first version in my Stories, and I wrote something for her, tagged her, and she replied: ‘cool, success’. I didn’t take it to her on the side of: ‘Oh my God, it’s dry'”, he said.

Paula Barbosa went on to say that she replied to Giovanna Gold’s message: “I know I replied to her. Even because I wouldn’t have to ignore her, I actually wanted to be enjoying this moment with her. And she seems to be giving some hurtful statements, instead of being happy for me, she’s hurting. It’s not cool, because I’m very transparent, true, and I try to be good, polite to everyone, and I would never ignore anyone”, he added.

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