“They think they are above the law”; Deborah’s husband files criminal complaint against Deolane’s family after son of the peoa uses the influencer as a target in a shooting class


The subject that is causing the talk on the web can become even more serious

Photo 1: Reproduction/Twitter Deolane Bezerra - Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Bruno Salomã
Photo 1: Reproduction/Twitter Deolane Bezerra – Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Bruno Salomã

Bruno Salomão decided to take legal action after seeing Deolane Bezerra’s son pardon using a photograph of his beloved, Deborah Albuquerque, who is also confident in the reality show A Fazenda. It turns out that Deborah’s image served as a target in shooting class. Kayky shared the moment in her Instagram Stories on Friday afternoon (23), and it has been making waves on the web.

“We get scared, actually, when we see this. And this coming from Deolane’s own family. Then it looks like Deborah, like Kerline. These are people who are going to go out and will need security.” commented the famous in an audio sent to Diguinho, presenter of the Splay show. The ex-Power Couple admitted to being shocked by what he saw, as it confirms a feud between the peons inside the confinement.

Then he explained that his lawyers are already on top of the case. “We’ve already taken action, we’ve already filed a criminal complaint, we’ve already sent it to a lawyer, we’re already filing a lawsuit.” The atmosphere between the two houses is one of rivalry, but here outside, what they have lived in confinement has affected both families.

“She said inside, when Deborah said ‘you can’t threaten me’, she [Deolane] turned around and said: ‘Not inside here, but outside I can’. Every time she says these things, she sends a message out here. That’s what makes us worried.”, lamented her husband. Despite the scare that took him to learn of the matter, he criticized the blonde, who is disaffected by his wife: “That’s what you get to put people of this level on a reality show. Who do everything, who have no limits and who think they are above the law. But it won’t stay that way”, finished.

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