TSE sees evidence of irregularities in R$ 605 million in campaigns; even dead appears as a donor

Nine days before the first round of this year’s elections, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) identified thousands of irregularities in the use of public money to fund campaigns. The evidence represents a total of R$ 605 million. The list of suspected cases includes expenditures allegedly made by relatives and shell companies with partners enrolled in federal government social assistance programs. O TSE also found six cases of people who made donations to candidates, but who are deceased.

as revealed the Estadãopolitical parties have been making fun of resources transferred by the Electoral Fund. Some campaigns even spent R$ 80,000 on electoral officers and companies not related to electoral activities, which offer landscaping services, school transport and parties.

In the list of irregularities with resources from the electoral justice, there are at least 190 cases of unemployed donors and another six of deceased persons. In addition, 10,296 situations were identified in which the same candidate received several contributions made by different employees of the same company.

The cases identified by TSE are forwarded to the Public Electoral Ministry to be investigated and, in case irregularities are found, to become legal proceedings.

The TSE building complex in Brasilia

The TSE building complex in Brasilia

Photo: Publicity / Estadão

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