Ukraine says 436 bodies exhumed in retaken city, 30 with signs of torture | World

Ukrainian authorities have exhumed 436 bodies buried in a forest near the town of Izium, and 30 of them had signs of torture, the governor of Kharkiv, the region where the municipality is located, said on Friday.

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“The majority (of the bodies) show signs of violent death, and 30 show signs of torture,” Oleg Sinegubov said on Telegram.

According to him, there are bodies with a rope around them, with their hands tied, with broken limbs or bullet wounds, and several men have had their genitals amputated. This is evidence that there was torture, he says.

New allegations of Russian crimes: UN wants to investigate Izium massacre

New allegations of Russian crimes: UN wants to investigate Izium massacre

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In mid-September, hundreds of graves and a mass grave were discovered near the town of Izium, which was under Russian occupation for several months until it was retaken by Kiev’s forces.

Ukrainian police said they also discovered torture rooms in the region.

Forensic technicians remove a body from a mass grave in the Ukrainian city of Izium (Photo: Juan BARRETO / AFP)

Russian forces are accused of multiple abuses in the Ukrainian territories they managed to control, especially in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kiev, where civilian bodies were discovered on the streets after their withdrawal from the area in late March.

Moscow denies committing these crimes and has called the discovery of the tombs in Izium a lie.

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