“You have to do a job…”; Zé Felipe’s manager opens the game about why the singer can’t sell out shows


The statement was given by Tuka during the podcast “Vaca Cast“, presented by Evelyn Regly

Photo: Reproduction/YouTube Vaca Cast and Instagram/Zé Felipe
Photo: Reproduction/YouTube Vaca Cast and Instagram/Zé Felipe

tuka oakbusinessman Zé Felipeparticipated in the podcast “Cast cow“, presented by Evelyn Regly, and spoke about a subject that has gained repercussion in recent days: the fact that the singer is unable to attract a large audience at the shows and even have to cancel attractions due to low ticket sales.

The businessman explained that although Zé Felipe is talented and a phenomenon on social media, nowadays it is difficult to sell out concert tickets: “Today, the artist who comes here [Rio de Janeiro] and you can do a show with your eyes closed, you count on hand. The rest have to do a job, have to tell a story, put together a lable…”, she explained.

tuka also said that the type of production of Zé Felipe is different from other famous singers: “Then I ask you: is it an audience that really wants to go out, stay an hour and a half, two, drinking ice, watching his show, singing or is it an audience that thinks it’s cool to see a song, a little dance?”, he commented.

Zé Felipe is the son of the singer Leonardo and the journalist Poliana Rocha. He learned to play guitar from his father at age 11 and signed with Sony Music in 2014. Shortly thereafter, in September of the same year, he launched his career in “domingão Faustão”, and a month later, he made his debut album, named ‘You and Me’.

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