4CHAN user who lives with his mom is arrested for planning a crime in MINECRAFT

A 4chan user turned on the alarms of the Minecraft community and the authorities of Florida, in the United States. The subject, identified as Richard Golden, was arrested for threatening an officer and insinuating a possible shooting.

The Florida Intelligence Clearinghouse alerted the agent to the threats against him, so authorities acted without hesitation to stop a possible crime. According to the details, Golden made threats against Mike Chitwood, a local police officer, on the popular forum.

“Just shoot Chitwood in the head and he won’t be a problem…in Minecraft,” Golden wrote on 4chan. He hinted that he would kill him with a headshot, but to make his remarks less impactful, he pointed out that he would do so in Minecraft. However, the authorities decided to act and arrested him at his mother’s house.

The police are aware of this, so they took him to jail and set him on $100,000 bail. The report reveals that Golden was arrested at his mother’s house, located in New Jersey. The subject was formally charged and extradited to Florida, where he will spend time in the Volusia County Jail.

Many believe that Golden thought there would be no problem with his message by clarifying that he would do it in a virtual environment like Minecraft. However, some radical groups use the name of the popular game on 4chan to refer to and mask violent acts, as researcher Alex Kaplan points out.

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