5 apps similar to TikTok

There is life beyond TikTok? There is no denying that the social network is the main name in the segment of sharing short videos, but there are similar alternatives, but with different features or other proposals. Below, we list 5 apps similar to TikTok and explain some of their features. And in case you still have doubts about the most famous Chinese app at the moment, we explain here what TikTok is and how it works.

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App appeared five years before TikTok. Image: Alison Nunes Calazans/Shutterstock

TikTok’s biggest competitor is also a Chinese app, and the fight for user preference is fierce. Even before assuming that it’s a kind of clone, it’s worth saying that Kwai is older and has been around since 2011. Anyway, today both apps are similar in their proposal and have similar interfaces and features. Perhaps Kwai’s biggest differential is the functioning of the algorithm, which tends to privilege well-produced content, regardless of the popularity of the person publishing it. TikTok, on the other hand, tends to favor profiles with more followers. In case you want to know more, we explain here the main differences between the apps.


Although less popular, Snapchat is also Image: Shutterstock

Another veteran and influential name on this list of TikTok-like apps is Snapchat, launched in 2011. snapsposts that were deleted 24 hours after their publication, the inspiration for the stories from Instagram. And, of course, Snapchat influenced TikTok and the opposite also happened: today, both apps have similar features in aspects such as video editing and monetization. However, Snapchat’s differential is in the field of privacy, with more resources to limit the visualization of snaps, for example. Another highlight is the Snap Originals, original series created for the platform.


app focuses on video editing. Image: AVCR Inc./Disclosure

Here, the proposal is, above all, to offer a wide range of video editing tools. Funimate is first and foremost a video editor. And there are many features and customization options for creators. However, there is still a social aspect, and there is an area for users to share their creations and see other people’s work as well. However, the downside is that, similar to other video editors, the app restricts many features to subscribers. In any case, it is possible to take advantage of some of the resources, even without paying. Therefore, it is also a good option among TikTok-like apps.


Image: Before, the app was called LIKE Video. Image: Likee/Disclosure

An especially friendly option for those familiar with TikTok, Like, and an interface similar to that of its biggest competitor, in addition to similar features. Despite being a lesser known app, it has a solid community, including in Brazil. Of the points worth noting, there is a tab entirely dedicated to live broadcasts, available to all users. Therefore, it is a significant difference compared to TikTok, which requires the profile to have at least a thousand followers to use the feature, as we explain here.


Platform has attracted celebrities and musicians. Image: Triller/Disclosure

Another app similar to TikTok but with some interesting differences. In recent times, the social network has gained the support of celebrities, including musicians like Justin Bieber and Cardi B. In fact, music is a crucial point on Triller, which features a refined search system for content that uses songs and tracks. Thus, there is also a very organized navigation, which makes it easier to find videos according to the desired content. Furthermore, the interface is also similar to that of TikTok, with similar features and good features for video editing.

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