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Movies to watch at St.  Patrick's Day
Image: Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

The St. Patrick’s Day is one of Ireland’s most popular celebrations and takes place annually on the 17th of March. The date is celebrated around the world by Irish people and descendants to honor the memory of St. Patrick.

The party is marked by a lot of animation, with the streets decorated in green and people wearing clothes and accessories of the color. In Dublin, capital of Ireland, there is a huge parade that attracts tourists from all over the world. Thinking about it, we selected 7 critically acclaimed films that are directed by Irish people or that the story takes place in Ireland. Check out:

My Left Foot (1989)

Directed by Jim Sheridan, “My Left Foot” is a biographical drama based on the true story of Christy Brown, an Irish writer and painter who was born with cerebral palsy. The film follows the life of Brown, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, from childhood to adulthood, showing the difficulties he faced to be accepted by society and develop his artistic skills. The film was nominated for five Oscars and won two statuettes, including Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis.

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The Song of the Ocean (2014)

“A Song of the Ocean” is an animation directed by Tomm Moore that tells the story of Ben, an Irish boy who discovers that his younger sister, Saoirse, is a mythical creature that can transform into a seal. Together, they embark on a magical journey across the country to return the young woman’s magical shells to the sea and save other mythological creatures. The film is a fine example of rich Irish folklore and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animation.

In the Name of the Father (1993)

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Another film directed by Jim Sheridan, “In the Name of the Father” is a drama based on true events that portrays the story of Gerry Conlon, a young Irishman who is wrongly accused of participating in a terrorist attack in London.

The film shows Conlon and his father’s struggle to prove their innocence and expose the injustice committed by the British justice system. The cast includes Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson and Pete Postlethwaite, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Giuseppe Conlon, Gerry’s father.

Brooklyn (2015)

Directed by John Crowley, “Brooklin” is a novel that tells the story of Eilis Lacey, a young Irish girl who emigrates to the United States in the 1950s, in search of a better life. Despite her homesickness, Eilis begins to adjust to life in New York and falls in love with a young Italian man named Tony.

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However, an unforeseen event forces her to return to Ireland, and Eilis must decide between staying with her new love or returning to her home country. The film stars Saoirse Ronan, who received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her performance.

Just Once (2006)

“Only Once” is a musical directed by John Carney that tells the story of an Irish street musician who meets a Czech immigrant; together they start composing and performing songs in the streets of Dublin. The film is a beautiful story of love and friendship, with an incredible soundtrack that won over audiences and critics alike. “Apenas Uma Vez” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2008 with the song “Falling Slowly”.

Marry Me (2010)

Directed by Anand Tucker, “Marry Me” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Anna, an Irish woman who decides to travel to Dublin and propose to her boyfriend on February 29th, which only happens every four years, and , by Irish tradition, men are required to say yes to all requests made on that day.

However, a storm prevents their plane from taking off, and Anna must find another way to reach her destination. On the way, she meets a charming and funny Irishman named Declan, played by Matthew Goode, who helps her get to Dublin. The film stars Amy Adams and Adam Scott.

The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

And we couldn’t stop talking about the film that was nominated for nine categories at the Oscars and has 100% of its main cast with Irish actors. Starring Colin Farrell (The Batman) and Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), the plot tells the story of the abrupt end of a friendship between Pádraic Súilleabháin and Colm Doherty. The dramatic comedy is set on a small fictional island called Inisherin in the midst of civil war in 1923.

The feature won three Golden Globes and will be released on the Star+ streaming platform on March 22.

These are just some of the Irish movies you can watch at St. Patrick’s Day. In addition to being a great opportunity to have fun and learn a little more about Irish culture, watching movies in English is a great way to practice the language.

For teenagers who want to improve their English, an English course for teenagers can be an excellent option. With fun and dynamic classes, the courses help to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, in addition to introducing the culture of English-speaking countries.

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