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The two-time LoL champion who is a fan of Team BDS

It is not at all surprising that the League of Legends competitive attract new viewers each season. Year after year the followers expand and even cross the barriers of their region to follow competitions from another continent. This is the case of Lee Jae-wan”Wolf«, former support of SK Telecom T1 …

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How to play Fortnite in first person thanks to a bug

Not to vary, patch 23.30, the most recent update to FortniteIt has also brought with it numerous problems. Perhaps the most outstanding is the one that allows us to play in first person as if of a FPS it will be the Creative and Battle Royale modes. Just below we …

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Should you purify Shadow Registeel in Pokémon Go?

Shadow Registeel is one of the rare Legendary Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Go. There is a shadow version because Giovanni has captured them; You can buy it for your collection. You will have to defeat Giovanni and work on a special research mission to earn a Super Rocket …

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