A 16-year-old teenager was murdered in Santiago de Cuba.

Just after 11 pm on Tuesday night, a 16 year old teenager was murdered in the municipality. palma sorianoIn Santiago de Cuba, as independent journalist Yosmani Mayeta reports on social networks, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The deceased has been identified as Cristian Daniel Ramirez Rosales And he received three knife wounds at the hands of a 21-year-old man “Reasons that are related to girlfriends”According to the above source.

Yosmani Mayetta indicated that the alleged killer’s name was “George Felix” and that he had already been arrested.

“He comes with a pattern of behavior of ‘bloody acts’, well, his brothers have been imprisoned, one has been imprisoned for 10 years, that too for a murder and the other for that crime Which was not specified to me. The name of the mother of these young people is Ana Digna and she is the secretary of the court in the municipality of her residence, “he explained in detail about the family environment of the alleged attacker.

In the comments section of the publication, dozens of Internet users have expressed their dismay at this new crime, which Joins the growing list of young people who have died in Santiago de Cuba due to violent incidents.

The wave of violence that has hit the country in recent months has taken on a significant dimension in Santiago de Cuba.

In February, Anislidis Bueno, a Cuban mother who is currently imprisoned and has a 16-year-old son, Drian Enrique Cuevas Well, he was murdered Stabbed at a street party in Santiago de Cuba in December, an offering was made Heartbreaking testimony in which she passed on her experience to other mothers, whom she advised to take care of their children, even if they are 15 or 20 years old, talk to them a lot and take them to a psychologist if necessary Go.

The increasing violence in Santiago de Cuba has also been acknowledged by the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) as a problem that requires special attention.

At the end of January, a senior official of the Ministry of the Interior of that province admitted this, during a meeting with residents of the Abel Santamaría neighborhood (El Salao). Presence of criminal gangs dedicated to “implementing terrorism” among the residents.

The authorities sought a vote of confidence from those affected and sent a message to the perpetrators, warning them that they would be severely punished for the actions they had committed.

On that occasion, the senior MININT official mentioned in particular the case of the young David Enrique Perdomo Álvarez, The 26-year-old lineman whose right hand was chopped off by one of those gangsAn incident for which five arrests were made.

However, since then there have been several reports of youths being killed or injured with knives for various reasons in the Santiago area.

In early February, a young Cuban identified as Wilmer Yunior Lestapier was stabbed while leaving a university party Which takes place every week at the Pacho Alonso track in Santiago de Cuba. Five boys pounced on him and stabbed him four times, two of which affected his kidney and one his liver, although he survived.

A few days later, a young man known on social networks as “Brizzy Alexne”, who lived in the José Martí neighborhood of Santiago, died. After being stabbed around the “El Siroa” entertainment center.

even in february The brutal murder of just 23 year old David Monteiro Mejias. and a resident of the rural community El Mazagual in the Segundo Frente municipality, who was murdered for stealing a motorcycle and other items.

This was the news this week Another resident of Santiago stabbed to death in the Chicharones neighborhoodA man who died after being stabbed three times on Calle 7 between 22 and 24 in the Dessie neighbourhood.

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