A “captured” passenger forces a plane to return to its starting point (video)


A flight from Melbourne (Australia) to Bali (Indonesia) had to turn back due to the aggressive behavior of a passenger who insulted and threatened other passengers, according to local media reports.

By: Clarins

Jetstar flight JQ43 took off from an Australian airport at 10:30am (local time) this Monday, but returned two hours later to seek police help to deal with a troublesome passenger, RT reports.

He was taken into custody when the flight landed

“The passenger said she was going to vomit and urinate on everyone,” an eyewitness said. Another passenger said the woman became aggressive towards other passengers. “We knew there was a commotion at the back and then this particular person came forward, kept walking for a while, we could hear him arguing and the cabin crew also started getting a little scared, they started moving him forward and backward .From behind,” he explained.

Another passenger described the woman as a “traveller from hell”. “He verbally abused everyone who came in his way. He even pushed a passenger who had a child in his lap,” another witness wrote on the social network, RT indicates.

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