A fan made Kratos’ house from God of War in Minecraft

a fan of Minecraft has used the game to build the house they live in Kratos Y atreus during the events of god of war and its sequel.

Minecraft has been home to many projects since its release, with fans taking locations from their favorite media works and recreating them within the sandbox in stunning detail, and this case is no exception.

As a relatively simple wooden structure, the house that Kratos lives in during the events of God of War (2018) and Ragnarok has become an iconic location in its own right despite the little time he spends there.

Even so, the small country house is where Kratos initially fought Baldur and where Odin and Thor confront him during Ragnarok, making it the location of two incredible inciting events that kick off Kratos and Atreus’ journey. through the Nine Realms.

Reddit user JayBeae recreated the cozy house in Minecraft and uploaded screenshots of the project to the God of War subreddit, where it has received many votes.

Although the scale of this project is smaller than others in Minecraft, this recreation captures the warm atmosphere of the house, making it a lovely refuge from the bitter cold of Midgard. It is both functional and intimate, because it can act as a nice home to return to for practical reasons, while still being an artistic piece that shows your passion for another game.

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