A girl gets a shock from Messi during Inter Miami match and her father’s unusual reaction goes viral

Messi missed a free kick and collided with a girl in the stands

Messi missed a free kick and collided with a girl in the stands

Lionel Messi Shine during the beach match this Saturday, March 2 inter miami And orlando cityknown as sun classic Because both rivals are located Florida, In this match, the Argentine star scored two out of five goals, which led Tata Martino’s team to victory. It is the second time he has scored a double against Orlando City and the fourth time since arriving at Las Garzas. uruguay Luis Suarez While the Finnish footballer was in charge of scoring two other goals robert taylor He scored a little.

However, that was not all there was to the match. this is due to A family of supporters at Chase Stadium take center stage During that meeting. When everyone’s reactions came out they went viral Messi accidentally hit a girl with the ball,

Lionel Messi scores two goals in Florida ClassicLionel Messi scores two goals in Florida Classic

Lionel Messi scores two goals in the Florida Classic – Credit: @Megan Briggs

Everything happened in the last minutes of the game, when it became clear that the Herons were the winners of the game. They were five goals ahead of Orlando City and 91 minutes were showing on the clock. However, The referee marked that Inter Miami had a free kick near the area, Ideal for getting a little more. In this way Messi tried to score his third goal of the night, due to which his team won 6 to 0.

However, The shot of the Argentina team captain did not enter the goal and went out of the field by the time it reached the stands. Then it fell on a little girl who was sitting with her family. He was wearing the substitute shirt inter miami ―Black with pink details―, a matching pink pacifier, a bow in her hair and a stuffed animal in her lap.

This moment can be seen in full in the video broadcast on the network, in which you can see how Messi hits the ball and it flies towards the stands. However, these pictures They went viral because of the reaction of the father, who tried to console the little girl in a special way.

As the ball falls near the girl, a woman who may also be a mother comes to check on her and console her. In the background you can hear a man’s voice talking to her and many believe it to be her father. “He hit the girl, I cried… He hit the girl… Are you okay, my love?He says in a worried tone. Everyone was surprised by the comment he made later: “Messi beat you, mom! Messi gave you the same, eh, nothing happens, It was his way of calming her down and encouraging her to feel better. Meanwhile, the game continued without incident.

With this victory, Inter Miami is positioned as the leader of the MLS Eastern Conference. He has seven points in the three matches played so far. In their first match this year, they won 2–0 against Real Salt Lake and then faced a tough clash with Los Angeles Galaxy. This gives the La Pulga team the edge at the moment.

The highlight of this last match was One of the rarest goals in the history of Messi’s career, After Jordi Alba kicks the ball into the opposition goal in an attempt to score, the Argentinian appears from nowhere and places his chest on the ball and scores the goal.

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