A leader of the Venezuelan criminal gang Tren de Aragua, wanted for terrorism and human trafficking, falls in Spain

Brother of leader of worldwide Tren de Aragua gang captured in Barcelona

Spain police arrested in Barcelona a prominent member of International Criminal Organization Train de AraguaWho is dedicated to committing extremely serious crimes such as murder, extortion, arms and drug trafficking, and who was a fugitive from justice.

As reported this Thursday regarding a person detained by the National Police, Venezuelan nationalityHe had an International Arrest Warrant (OID) issued by his country’s authorities and was wanted by interpolAccused of crimes of terrorism, human trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, money laundering and illegal cooperation to commit crimes.

The man arrested on Wednesday is believed to have held a key position in the structure of the Aragua train as well Brother of its world leader.

The police are now trying to confirm whether after settling in Spain they were trying to establish and expand the structure of this criminal gang, so that it could operate in a similar way to those countries in the American continent. Where it originates.

After his arrest, a judge of the Spanish National Court agreed with him. Entry into jail for extradition.

Bandi has a prominent place in the structure of the Aragua train

aragua train is one Transnational criminal organization originating from Venezuela, considered the most powerful gang in the country. And commits murder, extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking among other crimes.

It is believed to have originated from a union of workers working on the construction of the section of the Venezuelan Railway that passed through the states of Aragua and Carabobo, hence its self-named Aragua Train.

After the project began in 2005, the union charged fees for allotment of jobs and extorted money from contractors. The group expanded its criminal activities and when construction was halted in 2011, the syndicate was already operating as a criminal gang.

Since 2018, the group has expanded rapidly throughout the American continent along the route traveled by Venezuelan migrants.

Members of the group have settled in cities in Colombia, Peru, Chile and other countries.

However, the Aragua train, as it is known today, was not consolidated until 2013, when Hector Rusterford Guerrero Flores, alias warrior boyHe was imprisoned in Tocoron prison and established an alliance with members of the union.

There he climbed the prison hierarchy until he became Prana, as prison leaders are known in Venezuela.

(with information from EFE)

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