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Google Maps has modified and streamlined the way we move from one place to another and with this new function they have developed it will make our travel even easier. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

The Google Maps application is very complex, it helps us locate places, gives us route options to travel to a specific location, whether by public transport, on foot or by vehicle, gives us traffic warnings, and Even allows us to discover unknown places. Another state or country with just one click.

But now they have developed a new function that includes artificial intelligence and that will allow us to adapt our trajectory to our style and needs, which completely improves our navigation experience and here we tell you how. How to activate this innovative Google Maps function.

With this new function, made with the help of artificial intelligence, Google Maps guarantees to facilitate our navigation experience and to be able to enter the map to better recognize avenues, buildings and properties.

This new update will allow you to identify buildings or closed spaces and take routes to cross them in a deeper way.

This will allow users to know the entry and exit points of a property, saving them time and making it easier to find their way inside the building. It also promises to give in-depth routes before starting your journey, in addition to simulating possible traffic and weather conditions, which will completely renew your transfer if you choose one route or another.

This new function, which involves artificial intelligence, will allow you to directly ask for reviews of restaurants, commercial stores, tourist destinations and other places. Likewise, you can ask for recommendations for activities that can be done in the city where you are located or where you are going to visit.

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It will also give you exactly what you are looking for based on recommendations and photos from all users.

Likewise, it will have a chatboot where you can ask questions or direct yourself to follow-up questions that will be asked automatically.

This new function will allow you to have more control over the locations you have been, the route history and you will be the one to choose what to save in the cloud or if you need a backup, as well as activate or deactivate this function when needed. Will deactivate. ,

The developers of this new immersive Google Maps function with the help of artificial intelligence mention that these changes will take place progressively within the next year 2024. However, there is still no specific date for its launch.

At the moment, we have the new update available only on Android devices, which adds 3D cities to provide an optimal and more substantial experience of the place you are driving in.

In addition, it has a small rectangular box that tells you the weather during the following hours: temperature, weather and air quality, as well as telling you whether it will rain or snow.

To access this function you just need to update your Google Maps application and it will appear automatically.

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